Artwork Guide 

Welcome to our Artwork Guide. On this page you will find useful tips on how to prepare artwork, so that it is print ready. You will also find information on how to send us artwork, for any orders you have placed with us.

Preparing Your Artwork

Before you upload or send any artwork to us please check that:  


3mm Bleed Example img

File Formats

We accept the following file formats: PDF, EPS, JPEG and PNG.

Uploading Your Artwork Files

You can upload print ready artwork files online via the file transfer service You can also send your artwork to us through email, or bring your artwork file into our shop on a memory stick/ flash drive.

Uploading your artwork files via is easy!

Here's how to do it:   

1) Open and add your artwork files
2) Enter into the friends email box, our email address which is
3) Enter your own email address to receive confirmation of your transfer
4) Leave us a short message with your name and which product your artwork is for i.e banner, leaflets etc
5) Finally hit the transfer button to send us your file!

WeTransfer is best to use for when you are sending large artwork files that won't send through email.

Design Services

In need of a design? Please click here to find out more about our Design & Artwork Services.