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Document Finishing

At Bath Signs Digital we offer a range of different finishing services which include, wire and plastic comb binding, padding, creasing and folding. All of these services can help to add those final finishing touches to your printed product. 

Binding Services

In store we offer wire and plastic comb binding for documents sized A5, A4 and A3 (binding on short edge). Prices shown below are based on the number of paper sheets (100gsm or 80gsm) you have and the comb size required to bind them.

All paper sheets are hole punched (rectangular holes) and then bound with your chosen wire/ plastic comb. Wire combs are silver and our plastic combs are black (
* comb is also available in white). All bound books
(A3/ A4/ A5) are finished with a clear PVC binding cover at the front/ back. Wire binding is permanent whereas plastic combs can be re-opened to add additional/ remove existing pages. 

Plastic Comb Wire Comb
No. of Paper Sheets Comb Size Price         No of Paper Sheets Comb Size Price
100gsm  80gsm  (mm) (per book)       100gsm 80gsm  (mm) (per book)
1 - 10 1 - 20 6mm* £2.30 1 - 15 1 - 25 6mm £2.50
11 - 20 21 - 35 8mm* £2.60 16 - 40 26 - 55 8mm £2.95
21 - 35 36 - 50 10mm £2.90 41 - 75 56 - 100 12mm £3.60
36 - 50 51 - 70 12mm £3.20
51 - 65 71 - 90 14mm* £3.50
66 - 80  91 - 115 16mm* £3.95


Creasing/ Folding 

Using a creasing machine, we can add a permanent crease to your printed document/ finished product such as a folded leaflet. This crease then allows the product to be easily folded by hand. We can crease and fold a printed sheet to create a finished leaflet/ brochure, pamphlet, booklet etc. We can fold the printed sheet using a Half Fold, Tri-Fold (3 panel roll fold) or a Z-Fold.

A) Half Fold: The sheet is simply folded in half to create 4 pages. A front and back cover + two internal pages. 

B) Tri-Fold: The sheet is creased twice to create 6 panels/ pages. A front and back cover, three internal pages and a page that is folded inside. An example of this would be a 6 page DL leaflet. 

C) Z-Fold: The sheet is creased twice to create 6 panels/ pages of equal size. Two parallel folds are then made in opposite directions to create a Z shape. This fold is most commonly used for brochures.



In store we can create different sized (A6, A5 and A4) glued pads. These pads can then be used for NCR invoices, personalised note pads, business note pads/ desk pads, messaging pads and much more. All pads are custom made and can contain between 50 - 200 sheets of paper, all of which tear away from the pad easily. 

For more information on any of our Document Finishing Services please Contact Us