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Encapsulation/ Laminating Services

Strengthen, Seal and Protect Your Documents!

Encapsulation is the process of enclosing a document between two sheets of plastic film, and then sealing to provide protection against accidental damage. This is perfect for any documents that are heavily handled and require extra strength/ durability such as posters, notices and menus.  

Our encapsulation pouches (150micron) are available in sizes A4 and A3.
They have a high gloss finish ensuring a professional look, rounded corners for safety and are waterproof.

Paper Size Qty
1 - 15
16 - 50
51 - 100+
A4 £1.00 90p 80p
A3 £1.50 £1.40 £1.30
Prices shown are per encapsulated sheet
All prices shown subject to VAT at 20%